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ASRT team concludes excellent winter rally season


Last weekend "Võrumaa Talveralli 2015" rally was held in Estonia, which was the second stage of Estonian Rally Championship. If in Riga and its surroundings there was no sign of snow, then this rally greeted athletes with ice and large heaps of snow that allowed drivers to enjoy a true winter rally and develop high speeds.

A total of 77 crew participated from which three were ASRT Rally Team crews - Siim Plangi, Carl Martin Volver and Dmitry Feofanov. Winner of this rally was Sander Pern who deputed behind the steering wheel of the Ford Fiesta R5. The second fastest absolutely and first in N4 class was Plangi, who lost 16.3 second to his fellow countryman.

"This rally was very good for us, because we were fast all day long. Strangely enough, but we began to show the fastest times in the last four special stages. Generally speaking, this winter we succumbed a perfect start ( one win in four rallies and three second places, from which one second place in Liepaja ERC stage), so we should continue to work to be able to maintain the speed in the summer season, in which we hopefully will be able to win the first places both in Latvian and Estonian championships," says the current Latvian and Estonian Rally Championship leader Plangi, who admitted that his next start would be in the Talsi rally.

Young and talanted Volver still continues to surprise many, he won the rally in tenth place absolutely, and was the fastest among all the 2WD class cars. "The rally was good, but heavy too.I am glad that there was fierce competition because there were many fast drivers on the startup. Overall, I am satisfied with my performance, only in the sixth special stage I made a mistake which resulted a loss in several seconds. Overall, this was a perfect start of the season, so I'm glad that everything goes forward. Now there will be a break, which I will devote to training and exams to prepare for the rally in May. I hope to achieve similar speed in rally Talsi," says the 15-year-old Volver.

Feofanov completed his mission to reach the finish line and collect experience very well. He won sixth place in EMV8 class. "The rally was interesting, but not easy, because i had not driven these roads before. Yes, we could drive little faster, but on the other hand, before the rally I was unable to lead the tests, so I wanted this winter season to conclude positively and reach the finish line, which i did. Given that this was my first winter rally, I am very glad that I managed to drive all these rallies to the end. Now we are looking forward for the summer, where I hope we will be able to continue to drive, because the plan is to start in the Baltic rallies. Of course, I would like to drive a more interesting machine, but for now i have to wait," Feofanov concludes mysteriously.

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ASRT Estonia team will complete the winter rally season


At Saturday second stage of the Estonian Rally Championship will start - "Võrumaa Talveralli 2015". If currently most snow in Latvia is almost gone, the Estonian rally venue according to the winter conditions is snowy and icy.

79 crews have aproved their participation in this rally which will be held on February 21. They will have to complete eight special stages with a total length of 101.6 kilometers. Among these ASRT rally team will be represented by three crews, containing Siim Plangi, Carl Martin Volver and Dmitry Feofanov.

Siim Plangi awaits this rally in great mood. He started the season well - three wins in Latvian Rally Championship and second place in Liepaja ERC stage. Although Plangi is only 22 years old, this will be 100th rally in his career, so figure 100th will decorate his car.

"At the moment we do not have scheduled tests, but before the rally I will drive some 20 to 30 kilometers with the narrow winter tires. Of course, emotions are good, because the season started well and this will be our anniversary rally, so I hope that these emotions will bring good results," says Siim Plangi who is aimed to win as many test points as possible in this rally. One of the 2WD class favorites will be Karl Martin Volver, who after boarding a competitive car shows a very good speed.

"I was preparing for this rally both physically and morally. We have not planned tests before the rally, because we already have participated in many rallies. This will be the first time that I drive here, so I hope I can get a new experience. I know that it will be difficult, but at the moment i am feeling positive. I have driven a number of rallies in the Peugeot 208 R2 and my confidence is higher. In any case, this will be a special rally, because there will be a lot of my sponsors and fans who want to see a good performance. I hope that everything will work and this will be a great vacation," says Volver, who added that at the beginning of the rally he will drive carefully but if there is a good rhythm, then he will drive more quickly and will fight for the maximum amount of test points.

For the first time Dmitry Feofanov will drive these roads. He admitted that his goal will be driving stable and reaching the finish line. "Unfortunately, due to time constraints I will not be able to participate in the tests, but I hope that before the rally itself I will be able to drive a little. I do not know anything much about this rally but I imagine what there might be special stages. I think it will be interesting, but sometimes complex. My task as a minimum will be to maintain the same speed as in the "Sarma" Rally. As well I want to reduce the gap from the leaders. However, the main challenge will be to reach the finish," says Feofanov.

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ASRT pilot Plangi wins 2nd place in Liepaja ERC stage
Volver showing great speed

Liepāja 2015

The second half of the European Rally Championship (ERC) stage was held in Liepaja, as well as 2 and 3 stage of the Latvian Rally Championship (LRC). Among all the players ASRT team started with 4 crews. Siim Plangi (Mitsubishi Evo X) and Piotr Turkins (Citroen DS3) competed with ERC best drivers but in LRC for points were fighting already mentioned Plangi, Carl Martin Volver (Peugeot 208 R2) and Sergey Popov (Mitsubishi Evo X).

Siim Plangi showed best results, he won the absolute ERC test's high second place, but in both LRC stages Estonian athlete had great results, thus strengthening his place at LRC standings chart.

"For us, this rally was perfect - great car, excellent teamwork and excellent performance of the Pirelli tires," says Siim Plangi happy after the finish. "The roads were beautiful, but given the weather, the conditions were difficult and at times tricky. At the beginning of the first day we had to go through ice, the second time already on the gravel, so we had to find the correct speed so we would not get off the track, as well as to prevent damage to the tires. On the second day we were sometimes surprised by the blizzard, resulting poor visibility in some places of only 30 to 50 meters. It was not easy. But any way, I am satisfied with my result.In the first three stages I was driving a little faster, to gain time, which is also managed, so in the remaining stages I could save my car a little. At the second day i lost some time to Lukjaņuk, but this time caution took the upper hand. Of course, if it was necessary, I could drive a little faster, but then it would already be risky. This time I was able to beat the local riders, because of the ability to become accustomed to difficult driving conditions but if the conditions were better, gaps would be much smaller," says Plangi, who received prize of 7000 euros by finishing second.

Once again, young and talented Estonian rider Carl Martin Volver was very fast. Although the athlete dropped out on the first day, on the second day Volver sometimes showed fantastically quick times.

"This was the second time that we participated in this rally, so it was associated with high expectations. Unfortunately, in the first stage, we broke the radiator of the car, so we were forced to withdraw. But we did not give up. Instead we were already preparing for the next day on which we wanted to have a good time, compared to other competitors. On the second day conditions were difficult, but we tried to use the paths and we did not take the risk, because sometimes the visibility was close to zero. At the sixth and seventh stage we showed good times (fourth and fifth fastest time absolutely!). However, in the eighth stage, we broke the wheel. Unfortunately, we were unable to avoid the stones that was there. After we eliminated the fault we were able to return to the track and show good times, thus completing the rally with good emotions. Overall, I am satisfied with our results, because at times we showed sixth best time absolutely, which explains a lot. Little 2WD lion showed his teeth," laughingly says Volver. After the first phase Sergei Popov was in the 50th place overall, but afterwards the athlete pushed up to the 30th place. Meanwhile, Peter Turkins completed 33th absolutely. After three LRC stages it gives the ASRT pilot third place in RK1 class.

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ASRT Team driver Plangi wins Rally "Sarma 2015"

Sarma 2015

The 1st stage of the Latvian and Estonian Rally Championships took place on the roads of Ape and Gulbene and finished with the victory of the driver of the ASRT rally team Siim Plangi.

In whole, more than 80 crews participated in the competition, among them five crews of the ASRT team. The most successful driver was Plangi who gained a convincing victory. Rainer Aus was the leader after the seventh stage but at the eighth stage Aus and Timmu Korge got a flat tire thus allowing Plangi to become the leader in the overall ranking.

"It was a great rally. We had excellent speed and no problems with the car. I feel sorry that Aus and Korge got a flat tire at the eighth stage since we had a hot contest. After their failure I continued driving more attentively to avoid mistakes. In whole the roads were in an excellent condition. And the adherence was good; therefore, it was a great rally. Of course, there are some places where I can improve the result but I am satisfied with my achievement, especially on the second day of the rally," Siim Plangi says.

A great result was also shown by a young and talented driver Carl Martin Volver who drove Peugeot 208 R2 and took the tenth place in the absolute ranking and the second place in LRC3 class. At several stages Volver competed with the winner of this class Ralfs Sirmacis, however, at the end he was forced to yield the leadership to Sirmacis.

"The first day was good and we showed excellent speed. Everything ran smoothly. As for me, I liked the night stages but the fourth stage was difficult and it was snowing, therefore, at the dark stage I had to be governed by the pace notes since the visibility was very poor. The first stages of the second day were very fast and slippery; therefore, we did not take risk there. The main task was to reach the finish line and gain precious points. In whole, I am satisfied with my speed. On the second day after I talked to the team we decided to drive carefully and gain kilometres that would certainly help us in future. In whole, the season started very well. Of course, we must train hard and do the tests to improve our speed and skills; therefore, we will work with sponsors to make it possible. I thank the ASRT team for their excellent work," Carl Martin Volver says.

Dmitry Feofanov was the 33rd at the finish of the rally "Sarma" and Ainars Igavensh took the 36th place after the problems with a throttle cable and fight with a snowdrift. Unfortunately, Sergey Popov failed to reach the finish line since he had broken the car wheel and was forced to leave the competition.

At the moment the team will continue preparing for rally "Liepaja" of the ERC.

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ASRT team pilot Volver start the new rally season wonderfully

Aluksne 2015

Last hollidays rally Alūksne ended with victory of Ralfs Sirmacis. Four ASRT rally crews were on the start line this rally - Dmitriy Feofanov (Mitsubishi Evo VIII), young and talented Carl Martin Volver (Peugeot 208 R2), Elmārs Brunovskis (Mitsubishi Evo X) and team leader Ainārs Igaveņš (Fiat 124 B).

This rally went out very well for Volver, who had his debut behind the steering wheel of his Peugeot . Volver got eighth place in the overall standing, but in the 2WD Open A class Estonian finished first, four seconds ahead of Vasiliy Grjazin. Brunovskis finished 22th, but Ainārs Igaveņš ranked 35th.

"A fantastic rally. This was first rally this season with a new car. Glad that we managed to get excellent results for me and the ASRT team. Thank you both to the excellent organizers of the rally and the ASRT team. To me this was the best rally in my career. The car was perfect, it will give me great confidence in future rallies. I am honored to be part of the ASRT team, which is highly professional. Also, I really like the spirit of this team. I believe that, if we do a few more tests, we will be able to drive quicker," said Carl Martin Volver after the rally.

Russian driver Dmitriy Feofanov is happy with the rally. "I really enjoyed the rally. Given that this was my first winter race, I am satisfied with the speed and results although the special stages were not that easy. It was a little difficult to run special stages at night time, because I do not have the experience. Also the snow was snowing, but it all made the rally more exciting and interesting. I feel that I have made a great new season start. There is still much to learn, but I hope that this season I will be able to take a major step forward. Thanks to the organizers for the excellent rally," said Dmitriy Feofanov.

Also the ASRT team leader Ainārs Igaveņš, who drove this rally with the Fiat 124 B was on the starting line. Although this was not an eventful rally for Ainārs, the pilot did not hide his joy on the recent races, and also revealed his plans for this season.

"Everything went very well. We drive for our pleasure, but the greatest joy for me is the fact that at the end of the rally I felt the previous driving sensations and flavors. The main task which I have told to all the drivers, was to reach the finish, which also went out very well, although four times we hit snowdrifts. But the track was very good, so this was a great experience before the rally Sarma. But this was only the first rally. We have plans to participate in all the remaining rallies, in which we will certainly try to be even faster. I am happy for Volver because he was very fast. I think that he will be one of the next rally talent, because he listens what to do and is able to be very fast," said Ainārs Igaveņš.

Meanwhile, at the Karelian rally seventh place absolutely and second place at the R3 class was won by the team ASRT pilot Pjotr Turkin who drives a Citroen DS3.

The next rally scheduled for the ASRT team will be rally Sarma, in which six ASRT crews will compete.

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ASRT rally team starts a new rally season

Aluksne 2015

Already this weekend the new Latvian rally season will start, which will begin with a rally-sprint in Aluksne. So far more than 50 crews have applied for this rally-sprint, ASRT team cars will be among them on the start. In total, on the start you will see four ASRT crews - Dmitrijs Feofanovs (Mitsubishi Evo VIII), talented young Karl Martin Volver (Peugeot 208 R2), Elmārs Brunovskis (Mitsubishi Evo X) and Ainārs Igavenš (Fiat 124 B).

Each crew in the rally will have its own task. For example, a pilot Elmārs Brunovskis who was once driving "Žigulis" has been the USSR junior champion and the USSR sports master candidate. He has decided to refresh his knowledge in this rally. LAF President Jānis Naglis, who is going to be be Elmārs co driver will help him to achieve that.

Young and talanted Karl Martin Volver will experience debut behind the steering wheel of his new Peugeot 208 R2 in this rally. This Estonian racer’s main task will be to become accustomed to the new car and the new conditions, so this phase will be used as an excellent training before the new season, which will start in less than two weeks in the rally "Sarma".

As with other crews and other teams, including the ASRT team there was a lot of work to be done in between seasons because existing car were put in order as well as new cars were bult. Recently ASRT team run tests involving both Popov and Feofanovs as well as Brunovskis.

Already, looking at the list of participants, it can be concluded that fight in every class is going to be quite intensive and interesting, that's why we hope for good and suitable winter conditions, so we could make the opening race of the season into a splendid holiday.

However, this will not be the only holiday rally in which ASRT team will be represented. On the same day, when there will be Rally sprint in Alūksne, there will be rally held in Karelia, Russia which is going to be the first Russian Rally Championship. ASRT team pilot Pjotr Turkin will start there with his Citroen DS3.

We wish everyone a lucky start and successful finishes in the new season!

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